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By Peter Gray
Directed & Conceived by Michael Alvarez
Assistant Director: Hunter Gause 

Choreographed by Mara Driscoll

Scenography by Anna Driftmier

Costumes by Yuan Yuan Liag

Sound Design by John Millerd 

The Muse Collective is a contemporary theatre company dedicated to creating new form, cultivating new ideas and 

supporting artists.






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Music and Lyrics by Ella Grace

Book by Peter Gray & Roger Q. Mason

Directed and Conceived by Michael Alvarez

The Karens-6.jpg


The Karens

By Peter Gray

In high school, being a Karen meant prestige, style, and popularity. Now, a different sort of “Karen” has gone viral: neurotic, entitled women demanding more than their fair share. To save the good Karen name, three former mean girls are ready to reconnect for their most important mission yet: Holding “The Privileged White Women of America” to task.

In this wild, delicious, and biting new comedy, follow three unconventional Karens through the haze of Summer 2020. As they tackle the privilege of others with style and flair, will our fabulous trio face their own shortcomings, or sacrifice everything to keep their online personas as flawless as their makeup tips?

Virtually Streaming | Opening August 13th