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The Karens

A New Comedy by Peter Gray


Directed by Michael Alvarez

Streaming August 13th - 27th 2021

In high school, being a Karen meant prestige, style, and popularity. Now, a different sort of “Karen” has gone viral: neurotic, entitled women demanding more than their fair share. To save the good Karen name, three former mean girls are ready to reconnect for their most important mission yet: Holding “The Privileged White Women of America” to task.

In this wild, delicious, and biting new comedy, follow three unconventional Karens through the haze of Summer 2020. As they tackle the privilege of others with style and flair, will our fabulous trio face their own shortcomings, or sacrifice everything to keep their online personas as flawless as their makeup tips?


Voted “Miss Best All Around Everything”


Karen X is responsible for bringing The Karens together in the first place! Who could say no to those low-rise jeans and aviator sunglasses? Currently, Karen X’s favorite brands include Victoria’s Secret, Giuseppe, and, of course, her all-time favorite Chanel--just ask her cat Chanel No. 5! Her son’s just named Lawrence, but she loves him too. 

Karen X is a proud Social (Media) Activist and (Instagram) Life Coach who inspires her 30,000 followers each day. Don’t you want to be one of them? No, seriously--don’t you? 

IMG_1107 3_edited.jpg

Voted “Most Likely to Party Til She Drops”


Now, Karen Y’s not showing any signs of slowing down! True to brand, Karen Y is launching her own party planning company, Party Girl Karen, LLC, offering socially-conscious party planning to stars and normal people alike. Who says you can’t heal the world and throw back a few antiracist cocktails at the same time? 

In the process of discovering her culturally-specific inner root diva, Karen Y dreams of the day she can plan parties for her idols, Sofía Vergara, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Maria Sotomeyer! 

Voted “Most Likely to Change Careers”


Karen Z has lived up to her name, then changed it! A gap year in England inspired her to get in touch with her cultural heritage, so it’s Karen Zed now. Proud mother to Chadette, Karen Zed can be found teaching yoga influenced movement to her many followers, or else “creativing” whimsical videos for her Youtube channel. 

She is an ardent ally of the oppressed, having hosted viewing parties for countless social justice marches--with party sandwiches! 

Karen X livestreams to her followers about

the importance of visibility.

The Cast

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Creative Team


Peter Gray

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Michael Alvarez


John Millerd
Sound Designer

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