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Music & Lyrics by Ella Grace

Conceived and Directed by Michael Alvarez

The Jonah Cycle is a 90-minute rock concert/ song cycle theatrical event. It’s part rock show, part art installation, part fashion show and part contemporary performance. The music is Florence + the Machine meets Metric meets The Killers, and the fashion is inspired by psych rock YSL. The biblical tale of Jonah and the Whale aligns with the mythological archetype of the Sun God, and in re-envisioning Jonah’s story, the piece will rigorously enacts an age-old process of deep mental, emotional, and spiritual change using the seven steps of Spiritual Alchemy. The piece will galvanize audiences to embark upon their own journeys of re-awakening to see beyond the illusions of material life and reconnect with themselves, the earth and each other.

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