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Artistic Philosophy

Dream, a noun | Meridian-Webster Dictionary


1 : a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep

2: an experience of waking life having the characteristics of a dream

          a: a visionary creation of the imagination

          b: a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality  

          c: an object seen in a dreamlike state  

          d: something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable 

          e: a strongly desired goal or purpose

          f: something that fully satisfies a wish 


To create art is an attempt to see beyond the veil of waking life, excavating the invisible worlds of our mind, heart, soul and shared humanity. As artists, we are tasked with dreaming of a better tomorrow. Through art, we explore what that tomorrow could be, chart paths forward, and dismantle the broken systems which deplete us. We are called to question, experiment, challenge, transform, and rebuild. We are dedicated to a life-long process of listening, learning and growing.

 “If we stay on a realistic level we remain ignorant of the eternal world and therefore of the true meaning of existence and destiny, of life and death.”  -Maurice Maeterlinck

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