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Original Text by Oscar Wilde | Music & Lyrics by Ella Grace | Adapted by Michael Alvarez

Walt Disney Modular Theatre | California Institute of the Arts

Produced by April Tse | Directed by Michael Alvarez | Choreography by Micha Mora | Musical Direction by Jesse Vanderkooy 

Set Design by Tanya Orellana | Costume Design by Dorothy Zhu | Lighting Design by Lucas Garriety | Sound Design by Sam Sewell | Brian Hashimoto Photography 

Salome is a new indie-pop music theatre adaptation of the mythology of Salome – the infamous princess of Judea who dances for the severed head of John the Baptist. Feeling trapped in a world who treats her as an object, the princess Salome decides enough is enough. She is going to reclaim her power and help her mother do the same. Salome encounters the mysterious, and handsome, prophet Jokanaan, who speaks of the coming of the new world and the sacrifices one must make to create it. Together, they enter into a dangerous dance that changed history. Salome is part theatre, part fashion show, part art installation and part pop concert.

New Version In Development 

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